setupNX.pdf StarGPS-NX Instructions
setup.pdf StarGPS Quickstart Instruction sheet
setupHandheld.pdf StarGPS Handheld Quickstart Instruction sheet

setupSP.exe* StarPatch 1.916 installation program (see instructions)
GPSView.exe* GPSView 1.2 (see instructions) for GPS-NX01/02
redirect.exe* Redirect 1.5 (see instructions)
SiRFdemo.exe* SiRFDemo 3.40 (see instructions) for GPS-6010/LX

* Windows will indicate "Unknown Publisher" when you attempt to run these programs since they are not digitally signed. Please disregard this message.

StarPatch File** Date Corresponding Meade File**
PatchAUA1F7v08.spf 30 Apr 2019 BuildAUA1F7.rom recommended
PatchAUA4S4v03.spf 28 Sep 2022 BuildAUA4S4.rom required for LX80/65/85
PatchAUA3S4v03.spf 30 Apr 2019 BuildAUA3S4.rom required for LX80
Autostar 497EP
PatchEP5Ce1v14.spf 30 Apr 2019 BuildEP5CE1.rom
Autostar 497
Patch43GI.spf 30 Apr 2019 Build43Eg.rom
Patch34CA.spf 15 Jun 2005 Build34Ec.rom
Patch26DD.spf 08 Jul 2003 Build26Ed.rom
Autostar 497 (German)
PatchG42GB.spf 14 Apr 2010 Build42Gg.rom
Autostar 497 (Dutch)
Patch43GF_Dutch.spf 14 Apr 2010 Build43Eg.rom
Autostar II
None available 25 May 2020 BuildLX8501.1i.rom
PatchLX600_1.1gv02.spf 22 Apr 2019 BuildLX600.rom (not for 16" LX600)
PatchRCX22iiv10.spf 28 Oct 2020 BuildRCX2.2i.rom
PatchLX42ggv21.spf 14 Apr 2019 BuildLX4.2g.rom

** Patch and ROM files must be extracted from the ZIP downloads to the StarPatch program folder: "\Program Files\PixSoft\StarPatch\". You can then use StarPatch to select the patch file and continue with an "Update Handset".

NOTE: April 2019 patch files can correct the output from older GPS units that report an incorrect date due to the GPS Week Number Roll Over on April 7, 2019. The GPS Setup patch for the 497/EP Autostar and Audiostar automatically include this feature. Otherwise you can select to include "Fix GPS Rollover Bug" if you have a telescope with built-in GPS.



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