Dr. P. Clay Sherrod, Arkansas Sky Observatories, ASO H45/H41

"Really good... date, time, and location data will be quickly, accurately, AND automatically entered into your telescope's GOTO system."
Mike Weasner, ETX-105PE, ETX-125AT, 8" LX200-ACF, Weasner's Mighty ETX Site

"This has to be the easiest piece of hardware I have ever used"
Iain Barker, NexStar SLT, Celestron C11 AS-GT

"Absolutely great... I never set up any of my mounts without it"
Mike Overacker, Celestron CGE, Meade LXD55 AR6, LX200 Classic 8" & 10"

"Simple to use and very accurate!"
Steve Bedair, 497 Autostar with C-11 custom mount

"It is very convenient that alignment can be carried out without checking a clock."
Yoshikatsu Kida, ETX-90EC, ETX-105EC (Japanese, many pictures)



"Operation is simple: plug everything in, power up the scope and wait for the StarGPS-NX's single LED to indicate it has successfully linked with GPS and uploaded the information to the hand control."
Mike Swanson, NexStar 102 SLT

"StarGPS-NX is without question an utterly awesome bit of kit. It turned my ETX-125 from an approximately and painfully aligned scope into a precision device in under a minute. Brilliant! Best money I've spent on a scope accessory ever. Meade and Celestron should ship your device as standard with their non-GPS scopes."
Joanna Bradshaw, ETX-125EC

"More time spent on Observing - less time setting up."
Shevill Mathers, LXD55 SN-10, Southern Cross Observatory Tasmania

"No more fumbling with trying to see my watch in the dark, no more looking up coordinates as I change from one site to another. It's fast, easy, accurate and non intrusive to the AutoStar system.
Anyone with an AutoStar 497 - just do it! A very nice addition!"
David Sherfy, LXD55 SN-10 UHTC / AR6, Author/Editor of LXD55 Tips & Tricks

"This package does exactly what it is advertised to do... rest assured that the kit is well thought out, well put together, and well executed."
Joe May, LX90

"Setup was simple... it installed without a glitch, instructions were well-written and clear, the cables are sturdy and well-made, and it worked right out of the box. Thanks for such an excellent product."
Joe Schlatter, ETX90-EC UHTC 90.htm

"The addition of the Star-GPS to my ETX-125 greatly improved its overall performance."
Chuck Morris, ETX-125EC

"Took it out on the deck and got all data in about 30 - 45 seconds. Great product."
Henry J Schilling, ETX-125EC UHTC, LX90

"Amazing how fast and accurate the StarGPS is... found four satellites and configured date, time and position in about 30 seconds. Its one of the best accessories I now have and use with my telescope."
Steven Hill, LX90

"Since I already owned a Garmin eTrex GPS, I just ordered the connecting cable and the software directly from PixSoft. This is a great product, that does exactly what it claims, and is very inexpensive. It makes setting up my LX-90 that much faster, and the date/time/position are input into the Autostar more accurately than I could do. The updater software is the added bonus, since it has similar function as Meade's ASU software, but updates so much faster and is much more user-friendly!"
Joe Carr, LX90



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