StarPatch software registration key
(updates included free of charge)

Additional handset registration key
(limit of 2 per software key)


StarPatch allows you to use almost any GPS receiver with the Meade Autostar 497/497EP or Audiostar handsets (see telescope models). StarPatch updates the internal handset software so that it can recognize GPS NMEA data and use this to set the date, time, latitude and longitude. Additional software features (known as "patches") can also be selected. The key features of StarPatch are:

  1. GPS Setup patch adds GPS Setup capability to one Autostar 497/497EP or Audiostar and automatically corrects for the potential GPS Week Number Roll Over problem).
  2. Full updates over 10x faster than the Meade ASU.
  3. Updates are automatically verified (over 20x faster than the Meade ASU).
  4. SmartLoad further reduces update times by reusing unchanged data from previous updates.
  5. Lists available software patches and allows you to include the ones you want.
  6. "Update Handset" button guides you through the simple update process.
  7. "Get Updates" automatically retrieves the latest available patches and software.
  8. Works with Autostar II (excluding features 1-4).
  9. Free trial version is a great tool for updating your Autostar 497/497EP, Audiostar or Autostar II.

The free trial version of StarPatch can be used to correct for the GPS Week Number Roll Over problem by updating your 497/497EP, Audiostar or Autostar II. Refer to StarPatch Setup and Use for details.

The key features of the GPS Setup patch for the Autostar 497/497EP and Audiostar are:

  1. Displays GPS time, satellite count and signal strength.
  2. Displays date, latitude and longitude of GPS fix.
  3. Automatically sets handset date, time, latitude and longitude.
  4. Sets local date and time based on handset Time Zone and Daylight Savings settings.
  5. Automatically skips ahead to the "Align:" prompt.

After power-on the handset displays this sequence:


To download StarPatch refer to "StarPatch Setup and Use". The registration key enables all the program features and allows the GPS Setup patch to be installed to one 497/497EP or Audiostar. Additional handset registration keys can be purchased to GPS enable a second or third Autostar (limit of 2 per software key). Without a registration key StarPatch operates as a trial version with the following limitations:

  1. GPS Setup patch results are displayed, but not saved.
  2. Updates are slower (still 2x faster than the Meade ASU).
  3. SmartLoad feature is disabled.

StarPatch includes patches that can be individually selected for use with the Autostar 497/497EP, Audiostar or Autostar II. The GPS Setup patch is copyright PixSoft Inc. All of the additional patches are copyright Dick Seymour and Andrew Johansen (used with permission). For a complete list of the additional patches see

System Requirements

  1. USB-ASTAR cable (or Meade #505 cable).
  2. GPS with NMEA-0183 $GPRMC output and connecting cable (for GPS Setup).
  3. PC with Microsoft Windows
  4. For Meade #505 cable: PC with RS232 serial port or USB-to-Serial adapter.
  5. Internet connection (to download or register StarPatch).

NOTE: StarPatch does not entirely replace the Meade Autostar Update program (ASU). The ASU must still be used for "Advanced Functions" to move Library Objects to and from the Autostar (e.g. satellites, comets and tours). The latest version of the ASU and Autostar software (ROM files) can be found at



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